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The Upstate New York College Collaboration is committed to enhancing the educational effectiveness of our member institutions in shaping and delivering quality higher education offerings through serving as:

  • a catalyst for collaboration
  • a channel for joint procurement
  • a vehicle for implementing other joint initiatives, operations and programs as appropriate.





The Upstate New York College Collaboration will be recognized by industry associations, media representatives and regional economic development organizations as a critical element in sustaining a healthy economic sector.

We will function effectively and transparently to undertake activities that save money and/or enhance the effectiveness of our member institutions.

We will build critical mass in order to achieve opportunities unavailable to institutions on their own.

We will share information fluidly in order to most efficiently move from identifying a shared need to executing a shared initiative.

We will articulate documented examples of significant cost savings, cost avoidance, improved operations, and effective use of faculty and staff time.

There will be a comprehensive engagement from a variety of institution types and from a full array of functions within each institution.

The work of the Collaboration will ultimately impact all areas of college and university activities, including academic affairs, student development, finance and administration, institutional advancement and enrollment management.

The Collaboration will encourage innovation, creativity, discovery and information exchange, establishing an incubation environment for exploring new solutions to shared challenges.

Participation in the Collaboration will leverage the collective strengths and assets of member institutions to ensure the sustained excellence of the higher education environment in upstate New York.

We believe that we are ‘better – together’ and that our shared initiatives will strengthen each member institution and will make the collective offerings of our institutions in teaching, learning, student life and research opportunities greater than the sum of our parts.


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