CLAC 101: Building Learning Environments to Support Belonging

October 26, 2022

12:00 pm – 1:30 pm

Join UNYCC colleagues for an interactive and informative workshop that provides an introduction to Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC) as well as the various ways CLAC pedagogies can support practitioners as they respond to ongoing challenges facing higher education, including:

  • Repurposing the humanities for greater relevance and innovation
  • Increasing students’ engagement and sense of belonging
  • Enriching social justice perspectives in teaching/learning 
  • Overcoming barriers to interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaborations
  • Reimagining and sustaining study abroad programs
  • Leveraging the full benefit of hybrid classrooms, virtual exchange, and online technologies

This workshop is designed for faculty, staff, and administrators, those who may be familiar with CLAC, and those who are just learning about CLAC. 

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