UNYCC Plan of Work

UNYCC held its annual spring meeting on April 3, 2019 at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) Joseph M. Lobozzo Alumni House. More than forty institutional leaders representing fourteen different institutions from across the region (including public, private and community colleges) were in attendance.

Opening remarks from UNYCC President Patrick Richey and Executive Director Suronda Gonzalez provided an overview of the work and success of existing communities of practice (CoPs) including IT, HR, Facilities, Environmental Health and Safety, Financial Matters and Auxiliary Services.  Newly formed CoPs from academic and student affairs are also beginning to meet.

The afternoon program focused heavily on identifying and prioritizing the Collaboration’s long-term work.  Attendees formed cross-functional teams around UNYCC’s strategic areas (student success, resource optimization, and leadership development) as they ranked specific initiatives.  These multi-year initiatives engage stakeholders across the higher education landscape and can be pursued along multiple paths. Diverse working teams will work to move priorities into projects with tangible positive results by January 2020.

If you are interested in joining our work, please email info@unycc.org asking for details about how to become involved.