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A list of upcoming calendar events, from the soonest to the latest in time:

 UNYCC FMG fall meeting schedule.

There are three working sessions scheduled for our September, October and November meetings followed by a December Bonadio Breakfast Series.  We will hold off on any vendor presentations for the fall.  The intent of these working sessions is to have a representative from interested schools further explore the specific topic with a goal of leaving the session with next steps and specific action items laid out.

September topic will be Purchasing

  • Meeting details – Monday, September 24    9 – 11am at FLCC Victor Campus
  • How can the group collaborate on purchasing; both tangible items & services.  Examples include but are not limited to travel, vending, interpreting services, supplies, equipment, fixed asset software, etc.

October topic will be Audit RFP

  • Meeting details – Monday, October 29   9 – 11am at FLCC Victor Campus
  • This was discussed last year but pushed out due to timing.  Define what services the group is interested in (i.e. 403b, year-end financial, etc.) and identify steps that would be required to coordinate a RFP.

November topic will be Policies

  • Meeting details – Monday, November 26   9 – 11am at FLCC Victor Campus
  • Discuss best practices (i.e. policy creation; existing policies; processes).





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