A more inclusive internationalization:

Cultures & Languages Across the curriculum AS AN INNOVATIVE APPROACH

November 11, 2020


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As institutions consider ways to foster student success, CLAC offers viable strategies for strategically advancing diversity, equity and inclusion into curricular internationalization. This session will introduce the framework and various approaches to Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC) and discuss ways to start developing CLAC programs on your own campus. This interactive discussion will include practical advice for:

  • developing a curriculum that empowers and includes students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds.
  • fostering students’ global perspectives through meaningful use of languages they know or are learning.
  • integrating multilingual and multicultural perspectives into all curricular and co-curricular practices in higher education.
  • dissolving the barriers between language learning and disciplinary learning.

Discussion Co-HOSTS

Dr. JY Zhou, Stockton University
Interim Director of Global Engagement and Senior International Officer

Dr Jiangyuan (JY) Zhou’s work focuses on internationalization of higher education, faculty engagement, global learning, and assessment. She collaborates with academic and student affairs professionals alike, and also teaches courses on global learning and pedagogy. .

JY keeps an active research agenda and has published a series of articles on introducing a new theoretical framework to define and assess comprehensive internationalization. Her interests also include defining and assessing global learning, digital approaches to international education, and internationalizing the campus through faculty. AAC&U has recognized her work at Stockton as a campus model for global learning.  She is frequently invited to consult and to share her ideas at prominent conferences and a variety of campuses.

As the Interim Chair of the Cultures and Languages Across the Curriculum (CLAC) Consortium, JY coordinates conversations across 30+ higher education institutions dedicated to integrating CLAC approaches to transforming the curriculum to better preparing global citizenship. Recognized as a leader in the field, she sits on the national leadership team of NAFSA’s Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship Knowledge Community. JY holds a doctorate in Educational Theory and Practices from Binghamton University-SUNY.

Dr. Bernd Estabrook, Illinois College
Professor of World Languages and Cultures

Dr. Bernd Estabrook is Professor of German, in the Department of Modern Languages at Illinois College where he teaches courses in German Language and Culture. He has also served as Director of the Illinois College Language Laboratory.

Bernd received his B.A. degree from Whitman College in German and Dramatic Art, and his M.A. and Ph.D from the University of California, Berkeley. His research interests include the humanities and technology, and the political, cultural and historical interpretations of 1989 in Europe.

For several years, Bernd has been a strong proponent of CLAC strategies and has taken on an increasingly active role in the CLAC Consortium. Currently, he serves as interim Vice-Chair of the organization working to further the organization’s mission of helping “faculty identify ways to incorporate diverse languages and cultures across academic disciplines, thereby enhancing the translingual and transcultural competence of their students.”