UNYCC, In collaboration with Monroe Community College, is proud to co-sponsor a four-part training for faculty staff and administrators focused on

Supporting Transitioning and Returning Service Members (STARS)

The STARS project was developed by Dr. Holly Wheeler, Professor of English/Philosophy at MCC, in response to the expressed need for understanding and supporting the success of student veterans. This project has three main objectives:

  1. To educate the college community about the needs, concerns, and challenges of veteran students;
  2. To develop a network of faculty, staff, and administrators willing to provide assistance, support, and a safe place for veterans; and
  3. To provide visible support across campuses for veteran students.

discussions led by:

Dr. Holly Wheeler, Professor English/Philosophy (MCC)

Eric Wheeler, Assistant Director of Veteran Services (MCC)

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Part 3: Special Topics (Concurrent Sessions)

* Supporting Student Development Needs of Veterans
*Military Students in the Classroom
*Understanding Veteran Benefits

16 February

Part 4: Student Voices
16 March

Those who attend the full series of workshops will receive a certificate of completion and “STARS Certified” sticker to post outside their offices. The designation provides visible support to military-affiliated students letting them know that they have entered an understanding space and that the certified individual is prepared to refer military students to the wide range of resources available.

outcomes of the STARS Project:

  • Bring together faculty, staff, administrators, and community organizations
  • Provide professional development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • Offer opportunities for military students to participate in sessions and share their experiences
  • Create partnerships between academic disciplines, faculty and staff, our colleges and the veteran services community
  • Increase visibility of services for military students on campus
  • Benefit military students by facilitating a more welcoming and hospitable experience in classrooms and resource offices